I’ve gone all WordPress on you people.

Hello, people. I’ve gone all WordPress on you all.

Wasn’t really sure what WordPress even was until a few days ago. Figured it was just another blog site. Didn’t realize it was THE FUCKING SHIT.

As a result of said realization I have enacted a few changes:

ARTICLE I: The index page of codyclarke.com will be redirecting right to this WordPress blog,which will now serve as a ‘main page’ so to speak. Links to the subsections of my site appear on the right side, under either ‘What I Am Now Doing’ (current projects) or ‘What I Have Once Done’ (old projects).

ARTICLE II: I will be blogging here semi-regularly on a variety of topics. I promise the posts will be interesting. Nothing will go up that I wouldn’t want to read myself, had someone else written it.

ARTICLE III: I will continue to update DVD Talk Blog over on Blogger, but Prose and Poetry and Guitaring More Goodly will be incorporated into this blog.

That’s about all the changes that are occurring for now. They might feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s your fault for still having a hymen. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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