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Hives by Cody Clarke I can make a fist and when I do my hand looks normal and more so the harder I squeeze but then the itch sets in and I must release The red rushes back all across … Continue reading

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Why I am (technically) Republican

When people see that I have listed ‘Republican’ under my ‘political views’ on Facebook, they usually assume I’m being ironic. This is understandable, as under ‘religious views’ I have listed ‘Tarvuism‘. However, it is not a joke (the republicanism, not … Continue reading

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‘Movie Theater’ Movies

The Karate Kid. Cyrus. Two very different movies, both in theaters right now. Both of them I’d like to see. Which would I like to see more? Cyrus, by a long shot. Which will I actually end up seeing in … Continue reading

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DVD Talk with Cody Clarke: Episode 15 ft. Mimi

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On a Washing Machine

On a Washing Machine by Cody Clarke On a washing machine phone to ear listening to passionless words from the passionless voice of the woman you love calling only to inform you that she feels something she cannot fully describe … Continue reading

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Wonder Women Daily

I just started a Tumblr called WONDER WOMEN DAILY. PREMISE: There are many women in this world who are Wonder Woman. Every day I will post a picture of a woman who is Wonder Woman. Enjoy.

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