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The Weirdest Injury

The Weirdest Injury by Cody Clarke I was in Junior High School. Professional wrestling was popular; imitating the moves, even more so. Not a lunchtime went by without kids elbowing and kicking and pile driving inanimate objects, or fake-fighting each … Continue reading

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Life During Wartime (Movie Review)

Life During Wartime Written and Directed by Todd Solondz 98 min. My girlfriend wasn’t raised much on movies. Her parents were very strict; for her whole life, all film was to her was the occasional musical adaptation or kids’ flick. … Continue reading

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Etude in E for Ellie

A short etude I wrote for my girlfriend. The timing isn’t 100% perfect but the heart is there:

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Picking Exercise #1

I used to post guitar lessons on, and when I moved to WordPress I promised to do some here. Then I got too busy with the film to actually do that. However, while practicing today, I came up with … Continue reading

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Opening credits of Shredder

A few days ago I posted a still from test footage for my film Shredder. Here’s a still from the final footage of that scene, which will play during the opening credits. Click to enlarge:

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You Are Not Alone

My good friend George Kokoris sent me the following video today: Gareth Edwards discusses ‘Monsters’ It’s amazing to watch how budding filmmakers all across the globe are coming to the same conclusion about what filmmaking once was and what it now … Continue reading

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The first still from my film!

Here’s the first still from ‘Shredder’! Click the thumbnail to enlarge it: This still was taken from test footage of the opening scene. Said opening scene will be shot on the 20th of August. The finished scene will look basically … Continue reading

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