You Are Not Alone

My good friend George Kokoris sent me the following video today:
Gareth Edwards discusses ‘Monsters’

It’s amazing to watch how budding filmmakers all across the globe are coming to the same conclusion about what filmmaking once was and what it now needs to be. Everything Gareth says in this video, I would’ve said too. Hell, most of it I have said on this blog in previous entries. That is because this is it. This is the new filmmaking philosophy that will define this decade, and decades after. This is where filmmaking is going. I urge you, if you have ever wanted to make a film, now is the time. You are not alone. The technology is there for you, and so are countless people you’ve never even met.

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One Response to You Are Not Alone

  1. moviegeek says:

    “Monsters” was a case where the “making of” the film was more interesting than the film itself (i.e. the fact that is was made with a micro-budget and yet it looked like a multimillion blockbuster.
    Not a bad film, but not one that will get repeated viewings…at least not for me.
    My reviews:

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