Terrible Things Actors Have Written To Me

Right now I’m casting two new films of mine that I’ll be shooting in 2011. I’ve been posting on Craigslist and various talent directories to find people. This is something I’ve done for years and occasionally it has been fruitful. But mostly you have to sift through a lot of garbage.

The following quotes are verbatim and from actual emails I’ve received in the last few weeks. Keep in mind these were all written by U.S. born grownups, not Nigerian scammers, robots, or special-needs schoolchildren:

“I have a experience with performed a feature film and TV series.”

“Okay, when you will response back to my email anytime asap soon. thanks…”

“I have no acting experiences but I pretty much am good at improvising mostly.”

“I have talent of be in theatre and want to be part of films.”

“If you need more information from me, please email me back with detail you need me to answer the question.”

“I have different experinces field from physical theatre to dance to drama.”

“I have had been in playing many films and theaters include a TV commercial.”

“I look forward to hear you soon!”

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were an aspiring actor looking for work, I’d make damn sure my email could be understood by man. If you agree, live in NYC, and do have acting aspirations, please email the following to me:

– Headshot and full body shot.
– Resume.
– A little bit about yourself.

That’s all. If you can form a sentence and your look works for a role I’ve written, I’ll respond to your email and meet with you in person. Simple as that. You can reach me at codyclarke (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

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