On Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. The comics don’t interest me much, but the mid-70’s TV series is absolutely brilliant. I have no idea if its humor is unintentional, calculated, or a hybrid, and I don’t care, because it works. Accidental masterpiece or not, it’s an inspired social commentary that I’d put alongside the best of Mamet, LaBute and Solondz.

The gorgeous Lynda Carter is hilarious in the titular (PUN ALERT!) role. She has the clumsiest run I’ve ever seen in my life. And whenever she gets around to doing some superhero shit, she does it in the laziest not-a-fuck-to-give way possible. We laugh at the show not because the acting is ‘bad’, but because it is eerily spot-on. We know this superhero. Hell, we were raised by her.

She is the housewife who busts her ass morning to night. The secretary who secretly keeps the company afloat. Wonder Woman is the selfless American servant, capable of everything under the sun, but stuck cleaning up others’ messes, all the while wearing society’s genital-obsessed female uniform. Get your hands on the Complete Series set and watch the show with that in mind. And while you’re at it, tip your waitress a little extra next time.

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2 Responses to On Wonder Woman

  1. thelastmovie says:

    I just watched that Youtube clip. Very good stuff. If the rest of the series is like that, I may have to watch it.

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