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Taxi Driver (Movie Review)

Taxi Driver (1976) Directed by Martin Scorsese 113 min. Let’s get this out of the way: the Blu-ray of Taxi Driver is every bit as awesome as the review sites are saying it is. But only true film fans are … Continue reading

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The Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance by Cody Clarke Just saw two little kids on the sidewalk running around chasing each other while holding their right hands on their chests and reciting the pledge of allegiance for fun It was fucking beautiful

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The Magic Hour

It’s 6AM in the morning and light is peeking along the sides of the drapes. The room is pitch dark otherwise. I haven’t been to sleep yet. I’m laying in my bed writing. I’m standing, writing. I’m sitting on the … Continue reading

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Broken Down

Broken Down by Cody Clarke My car is broken down with you in it again but this time I have no idea how to fix it We’re in the middle of nowhere and it’s getting dark fast and I don’t … Continue reading

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The Hay

The Hay by Cody Clarke Our bodies are covered in hay so that not a speck of our clothes or our skin can be seen by the moonlight We are itchy in all places and we can’t stop laughing and … Continue reading

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Bumpkin Martial Arts Fan Haikus

A Series of Bumpkin Martial Arts Fan Haikus by Cody Clarke What with the words what happen there on the bottom. Chinamen pictures. With the broom stick pole what was twisted out the broom and used for fightin’. With the … Continue reading

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Cody & Friends: Episode 1

The very first episode of my podcast Cody & Friends is up now! Download it and subscribe to the RSS here: Cody & Friends My first guest is Jared Weil. I’m recording the second episode tomorrow with Maggie of DVD … Continue reading

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